Case Study: HNW


Case Study: HNW

Making wealth make a difference

With three kids in their early 20s, Duncan (58) is in senior management at a large multinational. He had worked hard over the years to build his wealth to enable his family to live life to the full. With a view to securing his family’s future while also contributing to the community, Duncan wanted to be in the best position to maximise his assets in a holistic way.


  • Purchasing a substantial new family home
  • Being smarter about reducing his tax
  • Opening up his investments to new opportunities
  • Having an estate plan in place for the distribution of wealth
  • Being able to provide for his chosen charities.

How we’re helping

We worked with other professionals, including a solicitor, an accountant and a buyer’s agent, to create the financial advantages Duncan sought.

This included:

  • Making the most of tax-minimisation and trust structures
  • Modelling different scenarios for the best financial outcomes
  • Setting up an SMSF for surplus funds
  • Providing greater certainty about the future, including retirement and estate planning.

“Even though life is good, I knew there was more I could be doing with my assets – not just to look after my own family but to give something back.”

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