Case Study: Professionals


Case Study: Professionals

Making a successful career go the distance

Anthony (38) is an architect in a leading firm. While his career has never been better, he was unsure about the best way to save on tax and make the most of his salary to build wealth for the future. Working long hours and trying to fit in social commitments meant Anthony didn’t have time to get on top of all the information out there, so he was looking for another professional to help him get his finances in shape.


  • Optimising his tax effectiveness
  • Investing his salary and bonuses to build wealth
  • Taking away the stress and time of organising his finances
  • Protecting his income in case anything goes wrong
  • Helping him set and stay on track to achieve his goals.

How we’re helping

We knew Anthony wanted to take charge of his financial destiny but didn’t have the time. So we helped him:

  • Get on top of his tax and debt, including his mortgage
  • Clarify his goals for the years ahead
  • Maximise his super and other investments to give him more confidence about the future
  • Free up his time so he could enjoy life more.

“Even though my career’s on the up, I didn’t think I was being smart about the future. Now I have a clear plan in place to make the most of my money.”

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