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Align your future with your finances

Why Work With Delta Financial Group?

Put simply, in a complex world that keeps posing challenges to our investors, Delta Financial continue to add value that enables their clients to attain their long-term financial goals.

Let us break down what we mean by this with the following formula:

Delta Financial’s Value of an Adviser


Is for investing according to your needs

A master at balancing risk and return, an advisor ensures you’re invested in the appropriate asset types based on your goals and circumstances.


Is for avoiding behavioural mistakes

Investors fall into the trap of buying when markets are bullish and selling when they turn bearish. A Delta Advisor can help you to maintain your long-term strategy in the face of volatility.


Is for choices and trade-offs

Delta Advisors are financial coaches whose work extends beyond the selection of investments to holistic wealth management. As you go through various life stages, your advise needs change. An advisor can help explain choices and trade-offs, including supporting adult children’s mortgage deposits, funding grandchildren’s education, addressing estate planning complexities and more.


Is for expertise

Your Delta Advisor is more than a financial technician. They can act in many different roles through your life’s best and worst times.


Help manage the practical and emotional burden of decision-making with your finances, or they can act as a sounding board.


Serve as a trusted expert and source of practical guidance to help you make informed decisions.


Act as your advocate, ensuring your interests are protected in situations such as an insurance claim being denied.


Is for tax-effective investing

Your Advisors role goes beyond markets and estate planning; it involves crucial tax knowledge. The value of tax savvy advice is the ability to:


Assets across superannuation, investment bonds and other tax structures.


Tax-effective investment strategies and maximise tax benefits.

This formula shows that even if we were only able to help people avoid common behavioural mistakes, we have likely provided value above and beyond our fees.

But once our other services are included – asset allocation, expertise, and tax planning – the total value of our advice is clear to see.

Delta Financials easy-to-understand equation is calculated as follows:


Is for appropriate asset allocation: 1.2%


Is for behavioural coaching: 3.4%


Is for choices and trade-offs: Variable


Is for expertise: Priceless


Is for tax savvy planning and investing: 1.3%


At least 5.9% – the value of your advice in 2023

Using the above formula – you can clearly see that by utilising our advisory services, we can add at least 5.9% p.a to your financial portfolio.

What you can expect from us

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Delta?

We believe that financial planning is not all about the money. It’s about you and your life, first and foremost. Having money allows you to make choices, enjoy more and worry less.

We also believe that financial planning is not simply a case of ‘set and forget’, it’s about planning continually and forming a meaningful relationship.

We’ll be with you through the highs and the lows, the challenges and the victories.

We are an experienced team made up of equal parts financial know-how and a caring heart.

We’re always abreast of the current and most relevant economic, global and market information, so we can keep you up to date and make necessary changes along the way.

Our services and strategies are tried and tested and come from a collective pool of creative thinking, unique financial strategies and the latest in technology.

We’re all about you and what you want. We provide the tools and support, and help you control your money. After all, it’s YOURS.

When you join our Delta family, you get us for the long-haul. We’re by your side all the way, helping you navigate the complex world of financial management.

All our advice is documented and explained, so you fully understand the benefits, actions, risks, costs and expectations. We’ll take care of the admin and paperwork and manage it through to completion, so nothing is missed, and you get results sooner.

If you’re happy, we’re happy.

What can I expect to pay for your services?

In order to get the full benefit of our personalised service and yield truly effective results for long term financial security, there is a minimum cost to work together, starting from $5K (+gst) pa.

The actual cost will depend on what you need and the type of advice and support necessary to make it happen. As we’re not a ‘one size fits all service,’ we will let you know the exact cost after we meet.

However, if already feels this investment this is out of your reach, there are other ways we can help you out.

Our resources page is packed full of complimentary materials including blog posts, informative videos, education guides, white papers and even eBooks you can download for free at any time.

All material is well researched, prepared exclusively by our very own in-house finance experts, and based on what we believe is important when it comes to using money to get more out of life.

How much does an initial consultation cost?

The initial consultation is on the house and entirely obligation free. We only ask that you commit to a time and be fully present when we do meet.

It’s all about getting to know each other, learning about you, your family, your goals and wishes for the future. It’s also about gauging whether or not we’d be a good fit for each other over the long-term.

We appreciate that taking the next step is not always a given, and that’s OK. That’s what the first meeting (initial consultation) is for. And that’s why it’s on us.

Why do I need a financial adviser and can’t I do it myself?

You can.

There are countless fantastic tools and resources available for people who wish to handle their finances and plan on their own. However, even with all the resources available, unless you have at least a basic knowledge of how money works, a lot of time, and are very disciplined, most people are simply unable to stay on top of things consistently.

Planning for the future involves far more than simply researching funds and staying up to date with the markets. There are many moving parts, and like a jigsaw, unless each piece is put in the right place, the picture won’t be complete.

Investing in our help is essentially an investment in your happiness. It reduces the risk of making a potentially irreparable mistake by missing a crucial step, or not keeping on top of economic and market developments, as well as other important but often overlooked factors, such as unexpected life changes or events.

Managing money is serious business. Most of our clients are living busy lives, and rather than wasting their valuable time trying to sort out their financial affairs, they work with us so they can focus on the fun stuff—planning for a more enjoyable life – today and in the future.

How will I know if we are a good fit?

We could be a good fit if:

  • You’re open and willing to receive advice that will help you take control, get organised and deliver results you could not get on your own.
  • You understand that getting professional advice and support is an investment you’re prepared to make in yourself and your future
  • You’re open-minded and have a ‘what’s possible’ attitude. Because we’re firm believers that the right attitude and sound choices go hand in hand for financial success.
  • You’re willing to learn and implement the tools we provide to help you take control of your money and future. Remember, we’re here to empower you to do this.
  • The best results happen when we work together over the long-term. If we don’t believe we can help and provide long term benefits, we’ll let you know.

On the other hand, we may NOT be right for you if:

  • You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme or a magic ‘fix everything overnight’ pill.
  • You want free or cheap advice.
  • You’re not prepared to take our advice or actions required to get results.
  • You’re not as committed as we are to your long-term success.
  • You’re rigidly fixed in your views and unwilling to do anything different.

I’m ready to begin what do I do now?

Firstly, congratulations on making the decision to take the next step towards something that could impact your entire life in the best possible way.

We warmly invite you to get in touch with us by clicking this link and booking a time to meet.

We really look forward to getting to know you and seeing how we may be able to help.

Not found what you’re looking for? Please get in touch, we’d be delighted to help.

Founder and Principal Financial Advisor

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