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Life is unpredictable, planning for it shouldn’t be
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What success looks like

Are you 5 – 15 years away from retirement & wondering

How much money will I need to retire comfortably?
When can I afford to retire?
How long will my money last?
Should I pay off the mortgage or top up my super?
If I help our the kids, will it set me back?
How can I enjoyou today and leave a legacy for the future?
Retirement Planning

Hi I’m Mike Sikar

Founder & Principal Financial Advisor

I have over 25 years of wealth management experience in stockbroking and financial planning, and I founded Delta Financial Group in 2011.

I started Delta Financial Group because I wanted a clear value proposition in a fee-conscious world to help clients “create an income for life”.

We are more than financial planners; we are confidants, coaches, strategists, project managers, partners and often friends who care about your financial decisions and how they affect your family and your life.

My articles and opinions are regularly seen in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg and Money magazine.

I’ve also been featured as a finance expert on Sky Business and was nominated by Financial Standard as one of Finance’s 50 most influential social media users.