Professional Family Case Study


Professional Family Case Study

Tony & Mary goal – Retire early and not have to work until 65

  • Assets: Family home, Investment property, Super & Inheritance 
  • Employers: Recruitment & Marketing
  • Household Income: $375k plus bonus
  • Family: Married with 2 kids


Current Situation

  • Know they could be managing their cash flow better
  • Keen to upgrade family home and understand how much to spend
  • Potential renovations vs optimising their future lifestyle
  • Rising education costs
  • Paying significant tax as not enough good tax deductible debt
  • Underinsured and not sure of the best way to structure them
  • Keen to maximise superannuation contribution strategies for tax efficiency
  • No estate plan in place


10 year outlook

  • Have financial options
  • Maintain lifestyle and yearly holidays
  • Pay down mortgage 
  • Not having to stress and worry about affordability and not having to think about money
  • Would like to leave a legacy for the kids
  • Might need to look after ageing parents
  • Would like to be financially independent in 15 years with a retirement income of at least $120,000 per year


How We Helped

Developed a comprehensive financial model of their current situation, further modelling scenarios of different housing expenditure and investment strategies and the impact it would have on their retirement

By discussing their objectives in detail and modelling the future outcomes, Tony and Mary had a clearer understanding of the investment strategy they needed to undertake and a roadmap to get them there

We recommended a debt recycling strategy to accelerate the reduction of their debt on their family home whilst unlocking equity for further investments and tax deductions

Implemented a cash flow management system to reduce unnecessary spending and direct surplus cash flow towards retirement savings

Diversified their investment portfolio by reducing their exposure to a concentrated share portfolio they received from inheritance 

Took advantage of the 5 year rule for super contributions to boost their super and reduce their CGT bill from share sales

We analysed their situation, determined their risk needs and recommended a personal protection plan that would best suit their unique preferences

We also referred them to an estate planning specialist to get a testamentary trust in place which is essential for a young family

“When you’re caught up with a growing family, you don’t have time for anything else. But with the right advice, we finally felt like everything was going to be OK.”

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