Pre-Retiree Case Study


Pre-Retiree Case Study

Tony & Emma’s goal – Retire in 6 years with $120k income per year

Assets: Family home, SMSF & Commsec share portfolio

Employer: CEO Medical Industry & Office Admin

Household Income: $400k plus bonus

Family: Married with 4 kids


Current Situation

  • Have minimal debt on family home
  • Need to review the performance of 3 investment properties
  • Not actively monitoring their share portfolio
  • Keen to maximise superannuation contribution strategies for tax efficiency
  • Keen to reduce working hours as soon as possible
  • Estate plan was last reviewed 4 years ago


6-year outlook

  • Independence & decision making
  • Pursue personal hobbies
  • Keen to consult part-time
  • Live in Europe 3-6 months per year
  • Keen to do more charity work 
  • Legacy for kids – would like to help with a property deposit


How We Helped

We helped Tony and Emma understand the importance of diversification and the benefits of the superannuation and pension environments to provide a tax-effective income when they chooseto stop working. By discussing their objectives in detail and modelling the future outcomes, Tony and Emma had a clearly defined retirement goal and roadmap to get them there.

Restructured their debt arrangements and reviewed their existing property portfolio and sold down their underperforming assets

Diversified their investment portfolio and invested inline aligned with their attitude to risk

We updated their personal insurances as they were over insured and redirected their cost savings towards further investing

Liaised with their accountant to optimise their tax position with their family trust

Maximised their super contributions with their SMSF to improve their tax-efficiency and increase their retirement savings


Mike was introduced to us by our solicitor as someone who specialises in retirement planning. Previously, our financial planning was very poor due to our lack of knowledge in this space and our hectic workloads which didn’t permit us the time to monitor our financial goals. We were very concerned about our overall lack of wealth maintenance and growth strategies in order for us to retire comfortably. We had been looking for a good financial planner to take care of our financial goals for quite some time. We are very happy with our super returns based on Mike’s strategy and advice and the strategic advice around our cash flow has been excellent in increasing our overall preparation for retirement. The Delta team is responsive, knowledgeable, market-driven and trusted.

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