The Benefits of an Employee Share Purchase Plan for Global Tech Company Employees

When it comes to employee compensation, salaries aren’t the only way that employers can show their appreciation for hardworking staff. Another way is through employee benefit plans, which offer employees additional perks and financial incentives. One common benefit is an employee share purchase plan (ESPP). In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of an ESPP for employees working for global tech companies.

What is an ESPP?

An ESPP is a company benefit that allows employees to purchase company shares at a discounted rate. This means that employees can invest in their company, potentially earn profits from the company’s success, and build long-term wealth. 

ESPPs usually work on a quarterly basis, with purchases made on preset dates. You can contribute a fixed percentage of your income, up to a certain amount, towards ESPP through payroll deductions. At the end of each quarter, the accumulated amount is used to purchase stocks at the discounted price, usually somewhere between 10 percent to 15 percent of the market price.

Potential advantages for employees

One of the significant benefits of ESPPs is that they allow employees to own a part of their company. This ownership, coupled with discounted stock prices, can lead to massive stock gains if the company performs well. Furthermore, ESPPs offer a simple way for employees to diversify their portfolios beyond traditional retirement plans. 

Things to Consider

While ESPPs can be a great benefit for employees and employers alike, there are some things to keep in mind. The discount rate on shares purchased under the plan might be considered additional compensation and therefore subject to payroll taxes, and there are also tax implications during the sale of company stock. Furthermore, shares of company stock are subject to fluctuations in the stock market, which means that there is some potential for financial loss.


An ESPP can be a valuable tool for employees and employers alike, offering the potential for financial gains and long-term investment opportunities. However, it’s important for employees to do their own research and consider the potential benefits and risks before choosing to participate in an ESPP. Additionally, it’s important for companies to establish clear policies and communicate effectively with their staff to avoid misunderstandings or confusion.


Employee Share Purchase Plans can be an effective way of investing in your company while simultaneously growing your savings. They offer potential gains with minimal risk and come with various other benefits, such as tax advantages. If you have the opportunity to participate in the ESPP, ensure that you understand the rules and regulations. You may also want to speak to a financial advisor who can help you make informed decisions about investing in your company’s stock.

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